#AthenaNation Has made it to the top 100 Sellers on Manyvids!!!

Hi boys. I want to start of by thanking every single one of you who have bought my videos, rated me  stars, become members of my network, subscribed to my MV crush, bought from my store, and Who have donated to my fundme. Without you I would not have been able to afford rent when I switched agencies; nor would I have felt the need to continue. A few months ago I did not know if I was going to be able to make it in the industry. I had had one of the worst experiences with my ex agency and genuinely believed them when they suggested it was time to give up. I was dealing with financial and emotional stress and wondered if I would be able to succeed after being set up to fail. I had put so much work into my art; hours upon hours that many girls spent partying, I spent editing. When girls went clubbing; I was drawing up and shooting more ideas. And when my past agency neglected me opportunities; I found them myself                                                                                                                 A few months ago I felt lost and was struggling to survive. I never put it on social media and never opened up about it until now. But here is the full account; for the amazing fans who have helped me get to where I am today.                                                                                                                                     I started with nobody to guide me. my first agency knew jack shit about how to manage talent. I risked all I had to go to my first @AEexpo a month into perfoming to network, meet fans, and remind myself of what I was working towards. Seeing friends of mine on that award stage fueled me to work harder than I'd ever worked at anything in my life.I was working up to 75 hours a week marketing, networking, shooting, finding new outlets, investing in new equipment, filling each spot in my schedule with SOMETHING that could turn up profitable,investing almost everything I made back into my business. Eventually learning enough to understand it was time to ditch my old agency and come back stronger than ever with a great team behind me. finally bringing on an awesome PR manager; something I couldnt afford to do when I started and yet would have to put the hours in to do myself. hopped from apartment to apartment dealing with shitty roommates before I got this place. Eventually I can afford to rent a house and bring on a PA, which will cut my workload in half. Even when I switched and I felt it was the end; I kept going. I kept shooting and posting; and for whatever reason I still had your support. Now I am stronger than I've ever been; I finally have a website and the best team behind me

My Agency, My PR Team, and MY FANS(Aka My Family) 

As it stands I am number 62 on the Top sellers of MV this month; maybe one day I'll be number 1. But either way, I am honored and humbled to know that my Athena Nation will always have my back. And as long as I still have your support; I will never stop the Rebelution. I love you guys so much; This is Athena Rayne, signing out

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