10 Tips For an Awesome Date as Told By Sensual Expert

Hey guys! So you’ve found a girl, worked up the courage to ask her over and now you’re freaking out! Well no need to worry, captain save a hoe to the rescue! A stay in date is super laid back and yet gives you the freedom to really make a good impression. Follow these tips to fire up your faux place and really leave your date with the best impression.

1.Make sure the atmosphere is inviting

dim the fluorescent lighting and op for candles, a fireplace, fairy lights, or just warm lamps to make the mood a little less intense. However please do not do hearts surrounded by roses and candles; on a first date it comes across as uber creepy

2. Use a Meal prep service

for an uber fancy dinner that she won’t be able to believe you cooked yourself; try out hello fresh! they provide everything you need and deliver on the day you choose. Just look at what they sent me for this week

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3.Drinks; go or no go?

In my opinion, a glass of wine or two can never go wrong. red for beef, white for chicken. However If you are considering trying to go farther with your date than just dinner and a movie session; I’d say make drinks with half pineapple juice and half sprite. Consent is super important and she will appreciate the choice.

4. What to talk about?

STOP ONLY TALKING ABOUT YOU!!!!! ask her about herself; try to stay away from small talk and don’t try to talk down on her experiences. Its alright to talk about yourself, however you are not something a woman should have to “deserve” this is 2018, you should connect and build each other.

Some questions to ask;

If you could change the world in any way possible; what would you change?

What is the most important thing to you?

if you could have your dream job with no consequences, what would you be doing?

would you rather have lifelong success or lifelong happiness?

5. If things get weird; tell a joke

Some people actually really love cheesy jokes and it breaks the ice

6. Dessert can be a great time for all

these strawberry turnovers are a gamechanger. take pastry dough and spread nutella across it. chop 3 strawberries per turnover and place them in the center. bake at 450 for 10 minutes and then fill with whipped cream

7. After dinner; what’s to do?

make sure the area is clean and put plenty of blankets and make sure to bring a few snacks for the movie. ask her if she wants to see something and if its something you don’t exactly want to watch; suggest a movie in the middle, something you may also be interested as a compromise. this shows you can compromise and want to truly enjoy your time together

8. sexxxxxxx

now let me make this clear;


if you want to touch her make sure to ask if it’s okay. “do you want this?” “is this okay?”

if she says “NO” then its a no. don’t pressure her, dont try to convince her; just say “i can respect that.” maybe offer to cuddle instead. This one, respects her as a person and her autonomy and two, shows that you care about her and want her to feel comfortable and respected around you

9. did she say yes?

well then love on her; hands and mouths are underrated. if you expect her to go down on you, be sure to reciprocate. remember that foreplay is everything; and that her pleasure should be just as important as yours

10.is she staying the night?

if she wants to stay the night; be sure to show her where she can find hygiene products and offer her a shower. when headed to sleep, to cuddle or not to cuddle is up to the both of you.

if she chooses to go home, walk her to her car and let her know that you enjoyed her company. stand by your door until she has driven off

no matter what; make sure to text the morning after again telling her that you had a fantastic time and would love to meet up again. if she says no; no sweat! there are plenty of fish in the sea and not every girl is a perfect match. If she says yes; well be sure to make plans within the next few days.

no matter what; we both want love, companionship, and someone to spend our life with. nobody owes anyone anything and this advice may not be anything super new or exclusive; however It’s written by someone who is a professional woman who holds everyone to a very high standard; so the biggest takeaway is just to make them feel heard, respected, and safe as well as showing them they will enjoy your time together

payton millsap